We appreciate your understanding during recent months when the range has been operating under strict COVID restrictions. Current COVID Restrictions have allowed us to alter the operating conditions of the Range with effect from 27 Sep 20.  Please remember that the Range operates with a fully Volunteer Team and that the restrictions in place are driven by the Government not by the Club.  The current Range guidelines/rules are:

Q14 Sunshine Coast Range:

1. Individuals who are currently sick or have recently been unwell should not attend any range.
2. NO ENTRY TO THE RANGE (COVERED AREA) PRIOR TO Range Officers opening the range for access. Shooters arriving at the range early are to wait outside the covered area until allowed to enter by a RO. The timing of this will be at the discretion of the ROs. If you are inside the covered area prior to RO opening the covered area for access you will be asked to leave the range. NO SHOOTING THAT DAY.
.  Social distancing is to be strictly adhered to.
4.  Bring your own pen and sanitiser if possible.
5.  All persons, without exception, are to sign in on the COVID contact register and other range attendance documents immediately on entering the range. All persons are to sign out on the COVID contact register when leaving.
6. All shooting bays are approved for use. There is no time limit on individual shooters. Once a member has finished shooting that bench will be reallocated to a waiting shooter.  A waiting list will be maintained to ensure fairness.
7. The Range is open for shooting at 08.30.
8. Form 33 (unlicenced shooters) permitted only when accompanied by a licenced shooter and when using a licenced shooter’s private firearm. No Club firearms are available.
9.  No ammunition is currently available for sale.
10. Normal fees will apply.
11. Correct change is preferred for range fees and targets.
Some confectionary may be available for purchase at the discretion of RO. Correct change is preferred.
 The Range will accept a limited numbers of visitors and non-SSAA shooters.