About SSAA Sunshine Coast

SSAA Sunshine Coast branch is located within the historical Davison Range at North Arm.

Davison Range (officially named in 1980), was built by George Broomfield by the the Australian Army in 1914. It opened with a timber mallet, two targets and four mounds (at 200, 300, 500 and 600 yards), a target shed and two flag poles.

Records show the range was built on George Frederick Davison's Diary in 1914 by the Australian Army. George came to North Arm from Grafton in 1907 and founded the club, serving as the first Honorary Secretary and second Captain for 34 years from 1914 until 1948.

The Defence department constructed ranges like Davison range to enable soldiers to train in rifle and pistol handling and also encouraged civilians to use the ranges to improve their shooting skills.

Monthly Meeting

We hold our monthly general meetings at the range at 269 Fairhill Road, North Arm at 11:00am on the second Sunday of the month.

All SSAA Q14 members are invited to attend and help us form the path forward for our great club.


We are located within the Davison Range Target Sport Complex at 269 Fairhill Road, North Arm QLD 4555.