Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1
You will need to become a member of SSAA Qld and set Q14 as your club.
Join online here or download the membership form and return it to the address on the top of the form.
This is your "valid reason" to hold a firearms license.
Step 2
Obtain a USI number if you don't already have one by registering on the USI Website.
Contact your preferred training provider to conduct the 11029NAT Course in Firearms and Weapons Safety.
We do not run these, but here are some suggestions on the Sunshine Coast:
Step 3
Once you receive your statement of attainment from the safety course you can apply for your firearms license.
Head over to the Qld Police Weapons Licensing site and click "License".
Fill in the form, pay the required application fees and you are on your way!
If you prefer physical forms, head to your local Police station and ask for an 'Application for Firearms License' Form 1 and a 'Proof of Identity' Form 30. Once completed, mail them to Weapons Licensing Branch where they will be processed. License applications for first time licensees can take upward of 2 months to process.
Licensing Wait Times The current wait times can be see here.
If you are a member of SSAA and you have listed "Q14 - Sunshine Coast" as your area then you are automatically a member of our club and you will pay the members range fee of $6.00 at our range.
If you are a member from another SSAA branch then you will pay the range fee of $12.00 every time you shoot.
As a club we charge no other fees for being a member.
To shoot at any range, you must be a fit and proper person that is over 11 years old and either have a valid firearms licence or be able to fill out a Form 33 . We can provide these forms at the range or you can download it and bring the completed form with you.
You will need photo ID to present with this form as a unlicenced shooter. This form needs to be filled out by all who wish to use a firearm, this form is a legal statutory declaration that you have never been in trouble with the police.
Any minors (11-17 years) MUST be accompanied by an adult.
You can download a Form 33 Declaration and see the questions they ask.
Once this form is filled out and signed by a Range Officer at the range, we can then loan you a small 22LR rifle which comes with 1 x box ammunition, and you can purchase many various targets which you can keep.
Our experienced range officers will explain the rules of the range and will help and guide you one on one so that you and your family can enjoy the experience.
All disciplines / competitions are open for anybody to shoot from new unlicenced shooters through to seasoned competitors, we are all there to help each other and have fun.
If you have never shot it before you will be graded on the day as to the score you shoot will determine the grade you start in.
If you really want to learn to shoot for hunting then these disciplines with the many positions like offhand (standing unsupported), standing against a post and sitting against a post and shooting at targets at 100m away and keeping all the shots in a 1"(25mm) group will help you immensely to become a better shooter and ethical hunter.
Any rifle that safely fires ammunition with a speed less than 4,350fps, if in doubt please ask the range officer at the kiosk before signing in.
Muzzle breaks can be a serious distraction to other shooters especially on large calibres.
Allowing them to be used will be up to the range officer on duty to determine if you can use it, if there is space they may place you away from other shooters.
Unfortunately, there is no way to 'transfer' licenses between states. If you are moving to Queensland and have a current interstate licence, you will need to submit an application for a new licence in Queensland. You may not be required to complete a weapons safety course provided you have a current interstate firearms licence, and:

  • For Category A, B or M weapons, you have lodged your new license application within 3 months of becoming a resident
  • For Category C, D and H weapons, you have lodged your new application within 7 days of becoming a resident

If you want additional categories of weapons endorsed on your licence, you will need to fulfil the weapons safety course requirements for the relevant categories.

Your interstate licence will be mutually recognised and you can maintain possession of your firearms until a decision is made on your application, provided your licence remains current and you have lodged an application for a new licence within the above time frames.

Head to the Qld Police website for more information.
Due to our approval by council we are only allowed to open for 2 days a week, this is on Wednesdays and Sundays only.
We are only allowed to shoot between 8:30am and 5:00pm on these days.
Generally the range is open for public shooting and rifle sighting-in from 8:30am until 11:00am and the afternoon sessions on Sundays are for Discipline competitions please review our Calendar .