Range Rules

Every range has different rules.
Please read our rules below to avoid getting reprimanded by a Range Officer upon arriving or walking into our range in what they may see as a dangerous manner and a disregard for the rules.

If in any doubt of the rules, please ask before carrying firearms into the SSAA complex.

  1. All persons MUST sign in at the kiosk upon entry, regardless of whether you are shooting or observing.
  2. All persons must obey any range officer instructions at any time. No exceptions!
  3. All firearms must NOT be carried onto the range in a gun bag as they need to be visible to range officers.
  4. All firearms must be carried onto the range unloaded with the muzzle pointed up and the action open.
  5. All firearms must be placed in the racks provided immediately upon entry to the range and when not in use.
  6. Firearms must not be handled when the range is closed.
  7. When the red light is flashing out the front it means range is under control of range officers.
  8. As per Range Standing Order 24, mobile phones must be switched to silent mode within the SSAA complex. They can be used within the car park precinct. They must not be used forward of the yellow line. If a shooter wants photos taken, the range duty officer has absolute authority.
  9. When the red lights are flashing inside above the benches it means the range is safe and all rifles are in the rack and targets can be checked and changed.
  10. Hearing protection should be worn within the complex, as some Center fire rifles can have a decibel rating of 155db or more.
  11. No smoking within 5m of the complex all smokers to be outside on the road.
  12. Covered footwear must be worn at all times whilst at the range. No exceptions!