Hunting Rifle Results

The Hunting Rifle Competition is held on the first Sunday of each month at 11:30am.

There are no recent results available

Sunday 7 Apr 2024

CompetitorScope/Peep Sight/JuniorRapid - CatRapid - FoxOffhand - RabbitOffhand - CrowStand - Fox HeadStand - Running RabbitSit - BuffaloSit - PigTotal Score
Dan W.S505048.14950.450.44748392.9
Craig O.S44.14849.344.150.549.246.140.2375.15
Dennis G.S50.14947.14749.340.14448.2374.8
Neil H.S4847474050.4504348.2373.6
Ross D.S504347.13848.3503746359.4
Bob M.S3841474338.350.142.247346.6
Ian B.S404140243750.24948329.2
Shaylen S.S4819494647.2492741326.2
David P.S3742404348.249048.1307.3
Jonny B.S4443433148.2461236303.2
Adam G.S3526432239282043256
Harry G.S3840461830.144.1824248.2
Gordon R.PS2732341435462139248
Kinni I.PS0030.136641039152.1
Dylan O.J24222883241.12926231.1
Matt B.J2937381932381716226