Classic Lever Results

The Classic Lever Competition is held on the third Sunday of each month at 12:00pm.

There are no recent results available

Sunday 17 Mar 2024

CompetitorGrade25m Rapid50m Stand Spt50m Sitting Spt50m Off Hand100m Sitting Spt100m AFP100m AFPTotal Score
Gordon R.AA3535738171731180
Bob M.A28394430.23635.140.1252.4
Paul D.A433092953634186
Trevor R.A034.1171410198102.1
Bruce R.A194390001586
Ross D.B41411421284219.1206.1
Rob I.C32463318232924.1205.1
Andrew S.C3344.137828347191.1
Kinnie I.B2232920332439179
Shaun P.C4029410162022168
Peter K.C5722013211078
Robert P.C1917.166100058.1
Austie W.C111010800039