Open Lever Results

The Open Lever Competition is held on the third Sunday of each month at 1:30pm.

There are no recent results available

Sunday 17 Mar 2024

CompetitorGrade25m Rapid50m Stand Spt50m Sitting Spt50m Off Hand100m Sitting Spt100m AFP100m AFP100m AFPTotal Score
Gordon R.AA35212787173829182
Dennis G.A1535434045.
Ross D.A4831452939193339283
Paul D.A414145254324.1130232.1
Trevor R.A4118432022181623201
Bruce R.A027060011044
David P.B3541421242.1172830247.1
Kinnie I.B2713242210351115157
Shaun P.C423730.12733213035255.1
John O.C3644393725292016246
Andrew S.C3723312632222929229
Johnny B.C352434331783634221
Peter K.C4415233433111520195
Robert P.C343533815020127
Rob I.C17601624.1101322108.1
Austie W.C141401081041979